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Browar Hevelius is a historic place on the map of Gdańsk, converted with respect to tradition into a modern place open to people and the world.

Inspired by the figure of Jan Heweliusz, who has been reminding us for hundreds of years how much there is to discover.

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Who are we?

The beginning of brewery in Gdańsk Wrzeszcz dates back to the 16th century. At that time, the Kuźniczki estate was developed, together with a park and a garden as well as the first utility premises.

In the 18th century, at the Strzyża stream, a small wooden brewery was built, where it all began.

In 1973, in this place a modern, as for those times, production plant was built, and beer production began on a larger scale.

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Hewelke Restaurant

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The Hevelius Brewery is a place adjusted to the rhythm of the city and its residents. It is situated at the centre of local events. Integrated into the centre of Wrzeszcz, the Brewery is located in one of the most rapidly developing districts. It opens its doors not only to visitors, but above all to local residents, for whom the Hewelke Restaurant & Bakery was established.

The place created from the passion for travel and the world’s diverse cuisines, where we intent to inspire, entertain and unite people around the table. The name Hewelke refers to the colourful and extraordinary figure of Jan Heweliusz, who constantly reminds us how much there it is to discover...

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The Hevelius Brewery is located in the centre of Wrzeszcz at Jana Kilińskiego Street, near Galeria Metropolia Shopping Mall. It has been integrated into the modern area of the city with a convenient transport connection with the airport and the Tri-City area.

Nearby there are:

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