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willa dyrektora maszynownia warzelnia suszarnia


Hevelius Brewery Apartments include stylish apartments for rent in the historic complex of the former Brewery in Wrzeszcz. From June 2022, these buildings are open: Director’s Villa and the Drying House – 25 apartments and 96 beds in total.

The Hevelius Brewery complex comprises four buildings: Director’s Villa, Drying House, Engine House and Brewhouse - integrated into the city area, where modern infrastructure is connected with the past centuries. The interior features a unique atmosphere. In the restored interiors of the former Brewery, there are stylish apartments for travellers who come to the Tri-City for a shorter and longer time.

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Director’s Villa


Formerly a glamorous building of the former Brewery from 1914. Currently, one of the four historic buildings of the Hevelius Brewery complex, distinguished by its pre-war restored interior.

Number of flats: 15
Number of beds: 62
Price range: from PLN 495

In the Director's Villa, there are the preserved pre-war fittings that have been carefully restored: e.g., stucco on the ceilings, decorative wooden balustrade and a fireplace covered with the Dutch-style tiles…

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Drying House


One of the four buildings of the historic Hevelius Brewery complex, which was built in 1927. Formerly, a place where malt used for the production of amber-coloured beverage was dried.

Number of flats: 10
Number of beds: 34
Price range: from 405 PLN

The Drying House features a cosy atmosphere. Whereas the cellar is an ideal place to relax, meet people and organize events...

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