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The Hevelius Brewery is a place adjusted to the rhythm of the city and its residents. It is located in the centre of local events. Integrated into the centre of Wrzeszcz, the Brewery is located in one of the most rapidly developing districts. It opens its doors not only to visitors, but above all to local residents, for whom the Hewelke Restaurant & Bakery was established.

The place created from the passion for travel and the world’s diverse cuisines, where we intent to inspire, entertain and unite people around the table. The name Hewelke refers to the colourful and extraordinary figure of Jan Heweliusz, who constantly reminds us how much there it is to discover... During the day - an entrepreneur, craftsman, artist, and neighbour, Hewelke, namely one of us, and at night - an astronomer, traveller, and explorer "reaching for the stars".

The concept of Hewelke Restaurant & Bakery is a combination of culinary traditions from various parts of the world with a bakery straight from the French boulangerie – with the best bread baked on site, original pastries and confectionery as well as own preserves.

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The Hewelke Restaurant is a place next door – lively, vibrant, open to the world and people, closing the gap between them, believing that nothing unites us better than food. In Hewelke you can have a quick lunch and enjoy endlessly the diverse cuisines of the world. Regardless of whether we plan a business meeting, important celebrations, or just a moment for ourselves or dinner with friends.

The restaurant menu refers to the culinary art and tradition of the world. The chefs, led by Marcin Popielarz, have developed new compositions based on their ideas, inviting their guests to a journey abundant in flavours, smells and colours.

After the concept of fine dining in the White Rabbit Restaurant, the regional, Kashubian Biôły Trus, the time has come for the Hewelke Restaurant referring to the tradition of the French bistro, where you can have a quick, delicious and highly satisfying meal.

Make yourself comfortable in Hewelke. Welcome!

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The passion of White Rabbit restaurant in Gdynia for baking bread has been generally known in the city for a long time. The local community increasing interest in our pastries prompted us to open our own delicatessen.

In the Hewelke Bakery you can buy not only our bread, but also our unique products - sweets and plant-based products of Marcin Popielarz, the ambassador of the RoślinnieJemy project.

An assorted selection of products provides you with goods you believe are the best.

See you there :) or See you in Hewelke :)

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chef’s table


Chef's Table or everything you would like to know about cooking, and you are afraid to ask.

Have you ever wondered what happens before the dish you ordered is served at the table? How is it that different dishes are presented to you at the same time, and are still warm and tasty? What does the work from the kitchen perspective look like?

It is perfect that in Hewelke you will be able to observe everything and ask questions :)

Here, we have created a space where the boundary between the guest and the cook is almost invisible. This place proves that cooking is primarily about emotions and relationships.

By booking the Chef’s Table you can prepare yourself for a unique experience and literally – each time you can expect a slightly different team in the kitchen, and, consequently, different reactions and impressions. One thing will not change though – your satisfaction with the service, people and certainly the dishes!

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