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Visitors to our Spa sphæra will certainly be interested in its extraordinary interiors, taking us into the bright history of this place.


Formerly, in the Brewery underground high-ceiling cellars, three brewing tanks were located (in other words, fermentation cellars from 1903), fermentation vats, maturation sections (developed after 1870), warehouses or long corridors.

Currently, in such space there are modern swimming pools, jacuzzi, Hammam and baths, where you can totally relax and put your overstimulated mind at rest.

Each of the treatment rooms offers a different journey through unique therapies, soothing massages, and carefully selected cosmetics. In this exceptional Spa sphæra you will be guided by qualified therapists who truly enjoy their work. Welcome!

Imagine a place where you can effectively break away from everyday life. From the moment you cross the threshold of Spa sphæra, you can feel as though you were in a different reality...

The receptionist is awaiting you with a smile, only to choose optimal therapies and advise on treatments. In a comfortable Spa lobby, you can enjoy refreshing drinks or warming infusions. Here you can spend time with your friends or experience romantic moments with the closest person. We should also mention the cosy integration room, where, for example, hen parties can be organized.

A simple visit to the water zone with cosy pools surrounded by centuries-old walls provides great relaxation. The adjacent spacious jacuzzi ensures relaxation for your muscles and warms up the body. The warming up is also perfectly arranged in the sauna zone, where sauna sessions are held.

Among interesting novelties, we also offer an extremely effective Watsu aquatic therapy – reducing muscle tension, removing fatigue, and improving the metabolic processes. It is worth undergoing such therapy under the care of our therapist and experiencing the beneficial power of water on your skin.

Moreover, Spa sphæra also provides a Turkish bath, the so-called Hammam, without which effective rest is simply unimaginable. It is a combination of aromatic bath with a massage and rest in the sauna. The entire ritual ensures body regeneration and the reduction of nervous tension, not to mention its care qualities.

Browar Hevelius also provides wellness rooms, where you can benefit e.g., from therapies related to the values of this region, such as amber or the history of this facility, namely beer baths.

And you - what kind of treatment would you choose?

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